Eye-tracking drawing (Pjazza Kastilja, Valletta)


The following video works are the outcomes of a specific drawing exercise that i conceived in order to reflect about power and architecture in my home country. Pjazza Kastilja in Maltese, or Castille Square in English (both official languages in Malta), houses the Auberge de Castille and St. James Cavalier. These two historical buildings are an example of the architecture left behind by the Knights of St. John. The Auberge de Castille has been the office to the Prime Minister of Malta since 1972 (Malta acquired its independence from the British rule in 1967). On the other side of the square, the fortifications of St. James Cavalier had been transformed into the national arts and cultural centre back in 2000. Drawing with my eyes while wearing the eye-tracker in Castille Square was inevitably influenced by historical, cultural, contextual and socio-political connotations. The drawings are also the result of a techno-human co-authorship, where eye movements become data; data become lines; and lines become moving image.