Matthew Attard (b. 1987, Malta). 

Matthew is a current practice-based PhD candidate at the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art of the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Malta Arts Scholarship scheme. His research is actively exploring methods of drawing-with eye-tracking technology. 

Matthew is strongly interested in situating his practice within the realm of contemporary drawing through a multimedia approach that highlights drawing’s versatile, performative, and time-based nature. His drawing projects involve some of the following themes and concepts: the extension of the line within 3D spaces; the overlaying of multiple viewpoints; the datafication of the line; drawing-with technology; notions of seeing and looking; technological embodiment; the subversion of data (and other technological aspects); socio-political conversations; and the contemporary representation of ourselves.

In 2021 he had his most recent solo show, rajt ma rajtx… naf li rajt at Valletta Contemporary curated by Elyse Tonna, that also featured the collaborative project Ħars fuq ħars curated by Margerita Pulè. His work has been shown internationally across galleries, art fairs, curated projects and museums. In 2018 he was awarded the Under 30 Euromobil Prize at ArteFiera, Bologna. In 2019 he was selected for a third time to exhibit during Ten Artists to Watch at LACDA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts. During the same year, he was present during the collective show Soglie e Limiti, at Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice. In 2019 he was also selected to participate in Artissima Telephone at the OGR spaces in Turin. In 2020 he was part of the online project: Re-Index.

In 2021 Matthew was shortlisted for the Lumen Prize for art and technology, London.

Selected projects: 

June 2023 – BOLOH – curated by Studio Solipsis, Rabat, Malta

May 2023 – Between Sea and Land – curated by Jo Baring, MICAS digital

March-May 2023 – Ship of Fools – Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice

October 2022 – On Reefs And Eroded Lands We Danced – Stage Design for ZfinMalta

October 2022 – Europe doesn’t fall from the sky – Fondazione Imago Mundi, Treviso

July-October 2022 – Here’s How I Did Not See What You Wanted Me To See, OPEN Digital Residency – Blitz, Valletta

May 2022 – Translate – curated by Gianluca Cappellazzo, Associazione 21, Lodi

March 2022 – Re_g(u)ard_e – curated by Dr. Irene Biolchini and Sofia Baldi, Spazio Gamma, Milan

January 2022 – Art in Metaverse – curated by Artscloud, Seoul, Korea

November 2021 – Artissima – Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

October 2021 – Still Image Category Finalist – The Lumen Prize, London

September 2021 – Ħars fuq ħars – collaborative project curated by Margerita Pulè, Valletta Contemporary, Valletta

September 2021 – rajt ma rajtx… naf li rajt – solo show curated by Elyse Tonna, Valletta Contemporary, Valletta

May 2021 – Twilight Zone – between Analogue and Digital Media – curated by Alicja Panasiewicz, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

October 2020 – Premio Combat 2020 – final exhibition for the drawing section, Museo G. Fattori, Livorno

September 2020 – Be the difference with Art – curated by Moira Mascotto, Awarded the Premio Rotary 2020, Musei Civici, Bassano del Grappa

June 2020 – Se il Tempo Sta – curated by Gianluca Cappellazzo, SharEvolution, Genoa

June 2020 – Assembramenti – Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice

April 2020 – Re-Index / Space and time during isolation – curated by Elena Forin, Online project, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice

December 2019 – DINAMOGRAMMI – curated by Viana Conti, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice

November 2019 – Imprint Biennale – curated by Christian Attard, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

November 2019 – Artissima Telephone – curated by Vittoria Marini, Spazio OGR, Turin

October 2019 – ArtVerona Art Fair – Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

September 2019 – AMuSE Final Exhibition – curated by Roderick Camilleri, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

September 2019 – Vienna Contemporary Art Fair – Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

September 2019 – Contemporary Istanbul – This is Blitz Stand

September 2019 – Ten artists to watch – curated by Joel Ferree, LACMA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (collective exhibition)

September 2019 – Sogli e Limiti – curated by Elena Forin, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice

June 2019 – Music in Malta: from Prehistory to Vinyl – A Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti Project

May 2019 – Premio Rotary Finalist – Torre delle Grazie, Bassano del Grappa

April/May 2019 – Artistic Residency, Lithuania – curated by AMuSE project, lead by the Malta Society of Arts

March 2019 – Ten Artists to watch curated by Meghan Doherty (LACMA) and Leigh Gleason (California Museum of Photography) Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (collective exhibition)

March 2019 – Equivocality, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venezia – Italy (Project Room)

November 2018 – The Island Indoors curated by Ann Laenen, 252cc – Hof de Bist, Ekeren (collective exhibition)

October 2018 – Ten artists to watch curated by Joel Ferree, LACMA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art (collective exhibition)

October 2018 – ArtVerona, Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

28th September 2018 – Science in the City AR Installation Triton Fountain, Valletta (collective artwork)

September, 2018 – Remembering The Future: Digital Arts in Malta curated by Vince Briffa, Spazju Kreattiv (collective exhibition)

June 2018 – Here and Now curated by Norbert Attard, Valletta Contemporary, Valletta (collective exhibition)

April 2018 – Visual Acoustics curated by Zsolt Gyenes, VIVA Curatorial Festival, Valletta (collective exhibition)

February 2018 – ArteFiera Bologna, Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand – Winner of Euromobil Under 30 Award

October 2017 – ArtVerona, Galleria Michela Rizzo Stand

July 2017 – Biennale “Le latitudini dell’arte” 3° ediz. curated by Virginia Monteverdi, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa

March 2017 – InTransit curated by Vince Briffa, NRW-Forum, Dusseldorf (collective exhibition)

October 2016 – Bodyless curated by Glen Calleya, Maritime Museum, Birgu (collective exhibition)

September 2016 – In-Human, NO.ME studio, Valletta

November 2014 – Line Drawings, Environment Showroom, Los Angeles

May 2014 – We are all Posers, ArtDate, Residenza Casarotto, Gamec, Bergamo

April 2014 – You are a Poser!, Canal|05, Brussels, Belgium (Project Room)

March 2014 – In Between curated by Dario Pinton, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venezia – Italy (bi-personal show with Rashad Alakbarov)

December 2013 – Collective Exhibition, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venezia – Italy (collective exhibition with V. Acconci, H. Fulton, F. Mauri, Muntadas, M. Sartori & F. Vaccari)

October 2013 – In Between the Lines curated by Viana Conti, Galleria Silvy Bassanese, Biella – Italy (bi-personal show with Mauro Ghiglione)

February 2013 – Line Drawings, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venezia – Italy (Project Room)

December 2012 – International Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, Olympic Water Cube, Beijing – China (collective exhibition)

October 2012 – Premio Celeste Finalist, Spazio Ex-Gil, Rome (collective exhibition)

July 2012 – Atelier in Esterno Exhibition, Forte Marghera, Venice (collective exhibition)

August 2012 – Creative Cities Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, Barbican Centre, London (collective exhibition)

January 2012 – BxHxME, A+A Gallery, Venice (collective exhibition)